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Vigilabebes más premiado de Europa

Europe's most awarded baby monitor

Vigilabebes más premiado de Europa

Europe's most awarded baby monitor

Our R&D department is constantly evolving and advancing at an unprecedented pace, continually seeking to improve all our products. Availand is present in many countries and this fact has given ...

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The preferred brand of influencers

Our products are used by several public figures who have trusted Availand from the first moment of their motherhood. Something that makes our firm great and of course makes it known, since on their...

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Vuestra confianza nos enorgullece

Your trust makes us proud

Availand is a company with a long history and a wide catalog of products related to childcare. Thanks to you we have already reached more than 1000 opinions on Amazon. In this journey of more than ...

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Todo un éxito en el Corte Inglés

A complete success at the Corte Inglés

We couldn't be more proud, having managed to become the best-selling camera in El Corte Inglés this year with our baby monitor. We invite you to visit the childcare section so that you can see for ...

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Co-sleeping. Benefits and drawbacks

The term co-sleeping means sleeping next to your baby . Having him so close during the night will make him feel protected, covered and close to his food source, whether through his mother's breast ...

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Benefits of using baby carriers

Nowadays, the use of baby carriers is the order of the day. There are more and more parents who decide to carry their children thanks to the comfort it offers in transporting the little ones and th...

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leche materna

Breast milk, essential to strengthen the baby's immune system

It is important to start by saying that breast milk offers unique protection for babies. This food strengthens their immune system and prevents infections. Therefore, for example, a direct relation...

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Dormir después del parto. Consejos y sugerencias para atravesar esta etapa

Sleep after childbirth. Tips and suggestions to get through this stage

Our baby is finally born. So many months of waiting and we already have it with us. It is time to leave the hospital and start a new life at home, all of us adapting together to this new situation ...

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CON o SIN chupete?

WITH or WITHOUT a pacifier?

The pacifier is a key element in the baby's life. Many parents feel guilty when they have to start using it, but there comes a time when no other option is considered if you have your baby crying a...

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Availand Follow Baby premiado como mejor Vigilabebés de 2016

Availand Follow Baby awarded best Baby Monitor of 2016

At Availand we want to thank all our clients for their trust in us when it comes to taking care of the little ones. Thanks to all of you we have managed to appear in first place in the ranking of t...

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Committed to social causes

At Availand, we are committed to social causes, we have wanted to show solidarity with the most disadvantaged and that is why we collaborate with different associations to contribute our grain of s...

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New technology 2017

From our brand, we always seek to offer the best products and the best service to our customers. Therefore, we are in a constant search for new products, new technologies and innovative ideas to o...

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¿Cuáles son los patrones de sueño en un bebé?

What are the sleep patterns in a baby?

Many couples who have just become parents wonder what a baby's sleep patterns are and what hours their child should sleep , as well as whether the baby has deep sleep and what is considered healthy...

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¿Cuál es el mejor vigilabebés del mercado?

What is the best baby monitor on the market?

In a market as wide and varied as that of children's products, it is currently easy to feel overwhelmed by advertising and excessive supply without really knowing if what we are buying is what best...

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Por qué los padres necesitan un vigilabebés

Why parents need a baby monitor

Crib, chair, stroller, bottles, walkers, games... many of the accessories that our baby uses are absolutely necessary for his development and to be able to meet his needs. However, when it comes t...

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Portabebes ergonómicos: portabebé Availand E11

Ergonomic baby carriers: Availand E11 baby carrier

Baby carriers are a very practical option to move comfortably while carrying our baby. They allow us to have our hands and arms free from carrying weight, (something that all parents will like in ...

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Happy Mother's Day!

Mother there is only one. Therefore, celebrating Mother's Day every year is making happy the most special person that can exist in all of our lives. Just as our little ones grow, mothers also ev...

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El vigilabebés Availand Follow Baby en la Feria Bebés & Madres de Valencia

The Availand Follow Baby baby monitor at the Valencia Babies & Mothers Fair

A reference in the childcare sector such as Availand and its baby monitors could not be missing from one of the most anticipated events of the year among fathers and mothers in the Valencian Commu...

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When sleeping is a problem

It is time to sleep. Tips and theories to help babies sleep without problems. When you are pregnant, everyone tells you “sleep now because you won't sleep again later…” and you wonder if it will...

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Baby monitor to monitor elderly people

Caring for our loved ones, whether they are children or adults, is a delicate issue that requires a lot of patience and where all help is little. Fortunately, today we have new technologies, which...

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