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Article: Benefits of using baby carriers


Benefits of using baby carriers

Nowadays, the use of baby carriers is the order of the day. There are more and more parents who decide to carry their children thanks to the comfort it offers in transporting the little ones and the bonds that are generated. Wearing your baby involves involving your child in your daily life in a practical and useful way. While the baby remains skin to skin, it allows you to continue with your daily tasks, whether at home, outdoors, walking, being with friends, etc. Transporting your baby with a baby carrier leaves our hands free to continue doing everything we need. Comfortable right? Below we inform you about some of the benefits that the use of baby carriers offers to children and parents: BENEFITS OF BABY CARRIERS FOR CHILDREN - They are in continuous physical contact so they receive tactile stimulation. This fact also provides the feeling of feeling loved by their parents and of security by feeling protected. - Stimulation of all the senses. From the backpack, the baby observes everything around him, which is a great stimulus. Babies are aware of everything around them. This gives them security and well-being. - It facilitates language learning and socialization, this is because babies integrate into the lives of their parents, becoming part of everything that surrounds them. - Favors psychomotor development. They stimulate motor skills, coordination of movements, muscle development and greater balance. - The different carrying systems promote a correct position of the baby's body. This position is known as the frog position, in which the baby's bottom is at the level of our navel and his head is under our chin (without touching us). This favors the correct development of the child's spine, femur and hips. - They manage to better regulate body temperature, breathing and digestive rhythm, etc. This allows children to not consume as much energy, so they gain weight more quickly. Therefore, babywearing is especially recommended for premature babies. - They sleep better. - They cry less than usual. - Colic decreases. Carrying the baby in a vertical position (belly to belly) greatly benefits his digestive system, which is still immature and facilitates the expulsion of gases. PARENT BENEFITS - Strengthens the bonds between parent and baby. - Physical well-being. Using a baby carrier allows the baby's weight to be distributed evenly so that neither the back nor the arms are burdened. - Benefits breastfeeding. Carrying the baby close causes the mother to secrete oxytocin, which favors the rise of milk and a good establishment of breastfeeding. - Having your hands free is a great advantage to continue with different tasks and activities of your daily routine. - Provides peace of mind as parents see that their child is comfortable at all times. - Comfort. A baby carrier is one of the most useful accessories for raising a baby. For this reason, at Availand, we offer two different models. Both ergonomic and totally safe. AVAILAND BABY CARRIER - Availand E9 model : this product is designed for babies between 3-14 months and 3-9 kg and offers an anti-fall safety system with double closure along with padded shoulder straps designed to distribute the baby's weight and thus avoid problems lumbar. It has 2 different placement positions: front and rear. - Availand E11 model : this baby carrier model is designed for babies between 3-24 months and 3-11 kg and offers an anti-fall safety system with double closure along with padded shoulder straps designed to distribute the baby's weight and thus avoid problems lumbar. It has 3 different placement positions: front, rear and side. It includes a Cool-climate ventilation system that provides maximum air circulation, and maintains a comfortable temperature inside the baby carrier.

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