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Article: What is the best baby monitor on the market?

¿Cuál es el mejor vigilabebés del mercado?

What is the best baby monitor on the market?

In a market as wide and varied as that of children's products, it is currently easy to feel overwhelmed by advertising and excessive supply without really knowing if what we are buying is what best suits our needs and those of our little ones. In this scenario, it is essential to be informed as consumers, and always choose quality products with optimal features, even though their price may seem higher than what we wanted to spend.

However, all parents know that cheap can be expensive and that when it comes to our babies, it is essential to choose long-lasting, recognized and trustworthy products that guarantee good durability and the best results.

To help us choose well from the beginning, there are classification rankings and online forums, which analyze the market and user opinions, rewarding those products that provide the best performance, with a competitive quality-price ratio and good quality. reception among the public.

This is the case of the forum, one of the baby intercom forums that currently has the most visits, which has awarded the Availand Follow Baby baby monitor as the best baby monitor of the year for the second time.

Features of the Availand Follow Baby Baby Monitor

This model went on sale in 2015, and from the first moment users valued its great technical features:

  • Monitor screen size: It is 3.5 inches and adapts to different light conditions, including night vision.
  • Color screen with high quality and definition.
  • Baby tracking : that's where the name “Follow Baby” comes from, and the camera follows our baby wherever he or she moves.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery and wireless terminal with 7-hour autonomy.
  • Camera remote control: can be oriented up, down or sideways.
  • Zoom.
  • Two-way communication: we can listen to our baby and also talk to him.
  • Includes lullabies: with 3 different melodies.
  • Range of 150 meters.
  • 2 operating modes: the normal one keeps the screen on at all times and the mode called “vox” only turns it on when it detects certain levels of noise.


Baby monitor differentiation Availand Follow Baby

The function that gives its name to the Availand Follow Baby baby monitor is undoubtedly one of its most appreciated features. Thanks to its auto-follow technology and motorized camera, we can follow our little ones in all their movements. This feature is a great advance among models in the sector, and is one of the most advanced on the market.

Its technical components, such as its camera and monitor, are also of high quality, and the considerable size of the screen makes its use easier and the images are better appreciated.

The Olympus digital camera has a light sensor and can rotate and be oriented in different directions, covering almost 360º. Even at night, thanks to its 8 infrared lights. During the day the image is in full color.

Another of the features most valued by parents is the option to expand the baby monitor up to 4 cameras . If we want to control several rooms in the house, we can increase the number of cameras on our equipment.

In addition, thanks to the Auto-Scan function , we can see on the screen, rotating and automatically every 7 seconds, the images recorded in the different spaces where we have the cameras placed. In this way we ensure total coverage of the home or the different places that we want to monitor.

The security and peace of mind that having a quality baby monitor offers us, with features like those of the Availand Follow Baby baby monitor, are guarantees that it is the best purchase we can make if we want a product that does not fail us, and that Help take care of our little ones in the best way possible.

All these features have made it possible for the Availand Follow Baby baby monitor to be the best seller on the market , the one with the best opinions from users, and also to have won the award for best baby monitor of the year 2017 for the second time .

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