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Article: Baby monitor to monitor elderly people

Baby monitor to monitor elderly people

Caring for our loved ones, whether they are children or adults, is a delicate issue that requires a lot of patience and where all help is little. Fortunately, today we have new technologies, which put useful tools at our disposal to make caring for dependent people or babies more bearable.

In recent decades, life expectancy has increased significantly, which is why many of us find ourselves in the situation of being caregivers, both for our children and for our elders.

Caring for the elderly

When it comes to keeping an eye on the latter, one of the most common fears is that they may suffer falls or bumps. To avoid this, and to be able to control them, even at night or when we are in another room, it is essential to have a surveillance system, such as the Availand Follow Baby Baby Monitor .

Thanks to their night vision , we can control if they get up at night , and thus be able to help them if they need to get up to go to the bathroom for example. Many of the falls of older people occur precisely at night, since many of them do not want to turn on the light, or bother, and end up falling or causing injuries due to blows. These injuries can range from the most minor, such as a graze, to the dreaded hip break. Thus, if we monitor their movements comfortably from another room or from our own bedroom, we can monitor them while we carry out other tasks or rest and avoid situations of this type.

In addition, thanks to the motion sensor that the Availand Baby Monitor has built in, we can also listen to them before they get up and go to see if they need anything . This function is very useful if we are combining monitoring our elders with other activities in another room. The Availand baby monitor will be activated by movement, so we do not have to be aware all the time, if a movement occurs, and for example, the elderly person tries to get up, it will notify us immediately.

Another of the fundamental concerns when caring for our elderly is that they remove their diapers, clothes, or even bedding. Thanks to Availand, we can monitor these activities, and come to put it back on if they have taken it off.

Peace of mind for caregivers and the elderly

When caring for both babies and the elderly, it is essential to have adequate instruments that allow us to combine their care with our daily lives, and so that we do not have the feeling that our entire day is reduced to caring for the elderly.

Thanks to video communication systems , such as the Availand Baby Monitor, we can, for example, be preparing food in the kitchen, and the elderly person can be comfortably in the living room watching television. We can also be reading a book quietly and the old man is sleeping in his bed.

In this way we will turn their care into a more pleasant activity, and mentally we will feel more rested, since we do not need to be aware of going to the room where they are at all times. This “freedom” helps them enjoy a certain independence, which also helps them feel less of a “burden” for us and at the same time accompanied and cared for at all times.

In this sense, the two-way communicator of the Availand Baby Monitor is also especially useful. Through this system, we can communicate with them and ask them if they need anything without having to get up. This function also produces a calming effect , cared for people know that there is someone on the other side listening to them, they do not have to shout if they need something, and they rest better since they feel more accompanied.

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