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Article: Control the temperature of the bottle

Control the temperature of the bottle

Many mothers wonder how to control the temperature of the bottle they give to their babies. Will it be too hot? Or has it been a little cold? Normally we tend to see a very common gesture that consists of dropping a few drops of milk on the inside of the wrist, since in this way we can have a fairly good reference as to whether the milk is at the ideal temperature to feed the little one. of the house. As we tell you, this is the most common way to check the temperature and, without a doubt, the most effective.

Breast milk has a constant temperature of about 32 degrees, and whenever we bottle-feed, we must prevent it from exceeding 35 or 36 degrees. If it were warmer, the baby would most likely reject it.

One of the simplest ways to reach the correct temperature of the milk inside the bottle is to place it under running warm water. In this way we will avoid the risk of burns, and it will not be necessary to purchase a bottle warmer that, although they are effective devices at a given time, still takes up space at home having a perfectly replaceable function, in addition to incurring an expense that for many may be unnecessary.

One of the observations to keep in mind is to take precautions if we decide to heat the bottle in the microwave. In these cases, it is worth knowing that the liquid inside heats up before the container, and could lead to confusion regarding the temperature of the milk. When touching the bottle, we could falsely perceive that it is still cold, although in reality the milk is already at the ideal temperature. As we have told you, the ideal is to check it with your wrist. If we have overdone it and the milk is too hot, we can cool it quickly by placing it under a stream of cold water for a few seconds.

In any case, it should be noted that although these are general guidelines, the temperature of the bottle is very personal and each baby has their preferences. Some prefer to drink it at room temperature or just warm, and others like it warmer. In addition, we can find babies who prefer the teat to also be hot, and we can also achieve this by placing the teat under warm water for a few seconds.

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