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La mejor forma de llevar a tu bebé en la silla del coche.

The best way to carry your baby in the car seat.

To choose your baby's car seat you have to take many things into account, but the main one is to guarantee their safety.

Statistics show that traveling backwards is five times safer than facing forwards. Those countries that have adopted this important measure (Scandinavian Countries) have the lowest infant road mortality rates in the world.

To understand the reason for this statement, three factors must be taken into account: the type of impact, the energy generated in an impact and the characteristics of the body subjected to the impact. To protect a child, we must know what their most vulnerable parts are.

The head of a child under two years old is 20% of their body, and the child's neck is very short and the pectoral and abdominal area excessively large compared to the adult. In a rear-facing chair, the head, neck and back are aligned on the backrest and the force of the impact is absorbed by the chair itself, maximally safeguarding the child's most vulnerable areas and considerably reducing the pressure on the child's thorax and abdomen. .

The Availand Surëby child car seat offers parents everything they need in terms of safety and comfort for their baby in a single product.

This seat is designed for those parents who are looking for the best long-term solution, since it is a multi-group model, suitable for all stages of the child who will need a child restraint system (CRS) when traveling by car. In addition, the chair allows a 360º rotation to adapt the seat to the rear-facing position.

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