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Designed for babies of today

Availand is a brand of early childhood products specialized in the safety and well-being of the little ones. We maintain a commitment to all parents. For this reason, we seek to ensure that our products are ethical, fun and beneficial for the baby's development, because we care about their care, as well as the peace of mind of those who look after them.


"We trust in our products"


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Vigilabebes más premiado de Europa

Europe's most awarded baby monitor

Our R&D department is constantly evolving and advancing at an unprecedented pace, continually seeking to improve all our products. Availand is present in many countries and this fact has given...

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The preferred brand of influencers

Our products are used by several public figures who have trusted Availand from the first moment of their motherhood. Something that makes our firm great and of course makes it...

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Vuestra confianza nos enorgullece

Your trust makes us proud

Availand is a company with a long history and a wide catalog of products related to childcare. Thanks to you we have already reached more than 1000 opinions on Amazon....

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Todo un éxito en el Corte Inglés

A complete success at the Corte Inglés

We couldn't be more proud, having managed to become the best-selling camera in El Corte Inglés this year with our baby monitor. We invite you to visit the childcare section...

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