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Article: Guidelines so that our children value each gift and enjoy Christmas.

Pautas para que nuestros hijos valoren cada regalo y disfruten de la Navidad.

Guidelines so that our children value each gift and enjoy Christmas.

According to studies, most children receive ten times more gifts at Christmas than they need . In the end our children end up playing with cardboard boxes.

The reason is that when faced with so many toys, children lose enthusiasm . And with so much stimulation, comes apathy. Imagine that one day you ask him: What are you going to ask Santa Claus? And he answers: I don't know. Try not to let that answer ever come. Remember that Christmas is not just about giving toys. Children are capable of seeing much more than us at this party.

The Christmas carols, the stores decorated with stars and tinsel, the lights, the family gatherings, the Christmas sweets... We just need to learn a little from the children to enjoy these days in a different way.

How can we instill in them to value toys and what they have?

If we want our children to exercise restraint and learn to appreciate the Christmas gifts they are given, beyond the rule of four gifts, keep the following guidelines in mind:

Talk to the family so as not to give too many gifts . Surely we can organize with our family members to reduce the quantity of gifts (and focus on quality), as the rule of four gifts tells us:

  1. Something that can be carried (clothes, shoes, accessories...).
  2. Something to read .
  3. Something that kids really want .
  4. Something they really need .

Give example . If you tend to buy compulsively, for example when you go to the supermarket you fill the cart with many things that you don't use later, or you don't treat things carefully... Your children will learn from your actions and take them as a reference.

Participate in a solidarity event . During Christmas, multiple solidarity activities are organized in which you can participate as a family. You can, for example, invite your children to donate toys they no longer use or get involved in a soup kitchen.

Prepare gifts with the children . Suggest your children make emotional or homemade gifts to surprise the family this Christmas. These are small, handmade details that children can give to loved ones. This will help them realize that you don't have to spend a lot of money to surprise someone with something nice.

And in addition to toys, Christmas brings to our homes some values ​​such as: generosity , solidarity , kindness , love , dedication , the value of small things... We must try to convey the true meaning of Christmas to us. leads us to focus on emotions.

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