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Availand Nature Smart3 Double Breast Pump

Oferta Flash -40% Sale price119,97€ Regular pricePrevious Price: 199,95€

The Availand Nature Smart3 Double Electric Breast Pump offers a double cup system to save time, along with Smart3 technology that simulates the baby's natural suction. It stands out for doubling performance, saving time with its dual function, LED touch screen, BPA-free design, nine extraction levels, and compatibility with several bottles. It incorporates ergonomic silicone cups, a 3-hour battery, audio signals and a 30-minute timer, ensuring maximum comfort and effectiveness during breastfeeding.

Availand Nature Smart3 Double Breast Pump -40% Sale price119,97€ Regular pricePrevious Price: 199,95€

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Joanna Soler
A complete success

I was a bit crazy about using a breast pump. I had never used one and it was overwhelming to see so much on offer. I was worried that it would bother me and not extract enough. also that it was loud and not very discreet for when I needed it at work. I opted for this one based on the manufacturer's description, and it also comes with two thread adapters that allow the extractor to be directly adapted to any bottle. I use the Medela ones and they work perfectly. And it has been a success. Super easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning. Comes with a spare hose and valve. Also with a bottle with its wonderful retina and lid. The fact that it does not have to be plugged into the mains but rather that its battery is charged, gives a lot of freedom of movement. It is also very light and easy to transport. It makes little noise.

Jade Martin
Quality product

I thought that this is the best thing that I have essayed, that you have a third of a brand and that you have arrived to obtain the presque de lait, but my cell phone is very merveilleux!

Caterina Frigerio
I will enjoy it! a beautiful gift

Very satisfied with this product Availand! I gave it to my best friend and the first person who used it was an entire baby bottle without any pain. The most convenient thing is the rechargeable battery that allows you to use it whenever, without problems. Very happy with the purchase!

Alessandra Casalis
Ottimo acquisto

Have a variety of blogs that Availand is the best for 2022 when I decided to purchase it. First of all, I used a Medela model that I recommend indietro as long as I don't find it comfortable.
Availand is fast, silent and very comfortable. Today I have acquired and received it again.

Anais Vandamme
Good design

Un bon design et beaucoup de qualité, j'aime beaucoup.

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