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Availand Follow Baby Baby Monitor

Sale price139,95€

The Advanced Baby Monitor offers auto-follow tracking, night vision, and two-way communication. It stands out for its 3.5" LCD screen, superior image quality, and capacity for multiple cameras. Includes lullaby player, power alarm, and guarantees a secure connection. Ideal for detailed monitoring and peace of mind for parents.

Availand Follow Baby Baby Monitor
Availand Follow Baby Baby Monitor Sale price139,95€

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
(3. 4)
Mayte Conesa
The best. 100% recommended

It is the most complete baby monitor there is. I love the resolution of the screen and the zoom it has. The follow function of the camera that follows my baby when he moves is great. I also really like the VOX function that allows the screen to be off and only turns on when my baby cries. In addition, I had to contact the official technical service and it is amazing, because in 48 hours they returned the baby monitor repaired due to a small coverage failure and they were in charge of coming to my house to get it and returning it to me at no cost, the treatment It has been great at all times. I recommend it 100%

Desahaye Danae
Très bien

Three good cameras, there are no portability problems if the camera is outdoors or indoors.
Juste l'autonomie qui est moindre il faut la recharger souvent. The night when the battery is left uncharged and the battery lasts longer.

Carmen Gallego

Excellent baby monitor

Susana Cruz

After much research and testing, we decided on this model because it has unbeatable quality. The temperature sensor warns if the room conditions are not optimal. The night vision camera works wonderfully and the motion sensor allows it to detect when my son moves and always point it at him. The sound is very sensitive and as soon as it detects any noise it makes the screen turn on. I would repeat without hesitation.

Xavi Medina
The best baby monitor

The best baby monitor you can find on the market. Possible points of improvement: the screen could be larger and the temperature range for the alarm could be greater.

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