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Article: Your ideal baby monitor

Tu vigilabebés ideal

Your ideal baby monitor

The ideal baby monitor

When you are a parent for the first time, from among those indescribable sensations, one sometimes emerges that is especially difficult to assimilate: fear and its inherent need for security or protection of something as delicate as it is precious.

At that moment, the most useful tool of our time comes to our thoughts: the baby monitor. An essential in today's pace of life, but purchasing it can be quite a science and we should not go crazy and buy the most expensive or the most obvious one in a shop window. We will have to limit it to our needs and to standards of verifiable quality.

You must keep in mind that sound quality is essential to be able to quickly differentiate any anomaly in the child. So it is essential. Making sure that the emission power and range is what we need should be a priority for the family.

The added functionalities are almost endless: video monitor to observe our newborn and its quality to study, the motion sensor (something positive or unnecessary depending on each person), relaxing sounds such as integrated lullabies, night light, thermometer or lighting effects for our offspring are just some of the incredible functions that these “surveillance and entertainment centers” of today can host.

In addition, there is the possibility of using it as a completely independent tool or attaching it to our mobile phones or computer systems.

At 'Availand', in addition to the above and having different finishes for the product, -as is the case of our spectacular 'Wooden Edition'-, we have one of the best screens on the market, an adjustable alarm to signal key moments feeding for the infant and revolutionary functions such as 'auto-follow' (which follows even the small movements of our child). All of this is enhanced by the high mobility of our cameras in the vertical and horizontal axis to always have control over what matters most: our babies.

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