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When someone becomes a father or mother, the natural tendency is to try to protect our children as much as possible, and one of the points that we always want to reinforce is the protection inside the car. Baby seats have come a long way, achieving in addition to comfort and stability, becoming a basic pillar of daily safety for our children. If our baby is safe, we are safe.

Among the many points to take into account, one of the most notable is the complete anchoring system that stabilizes the seat to the vehicle, as there are many different types and models. The 'Top Tether' fastening system - as if it were an extra support leg - must be located in a completely flat place. And finally, the most important and durable anchorage is none other than the seat belt, which is eternally used to anchor the chair of babies and later children.

The Surëby chair is prepared for any age or stage, according to the needs and details of the growth of the little ones. The inimitable Surëby is modular and buildable, all with minimal effort. Simply putting and removing the parts or accessories that the user needs, being totally multipurpose. The fixing system used is the universal standard called 'Isofix', which is characterized by anchoring the chair to the car seat with full guarantees. In addition, we also use the aforementioned 'Top Tether', because security is non-negotiable. It consists of a third anchoring point for a directly unbeatable hold. Of course, we must not forget the constant use of the essential of all life: the seat belt.

Thanks to this car seat, prepared for the needs of the present and the future, your little treasures will have their travels assured up to the age of 12. Forget about changing products from time to time. 'Availand' - like the “little ones” in the house and their tranquility – is forever.

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