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Article: Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother there is only one. Therefore, celebrating Mother's Day every year is making happy the most special person that can exist in all of our lives.

Just as our little ones grow, mothers also evolve with them, from the “sweet wait” to the day when the little ones are not so sweet and become adults. They also have their needs, just like babies, so for this day dedicated especially to them, we offer you several tips to take care of them as they deserve and as they need according to the phases of their motherhood.

If we talk about the stages that a mother lives, we can name four major stages that occur as the babies grow: the sweet expectation, the new mother, the educating mother and the mother with teenage children about to become adults. age.

Of course, just like every baby, every mother is different, therefore these phases are only a general way of describing the feelings of each stage, perhaps there are mothers who do not go through all of them, or who prolong one stage more than another, or that they live different phases.

The sweet wait"

A mother who is not yet a mother experiences a wonderful process of change, both in her body and inside. He dreams a lot about what his baby will be like, if he will be okay, he thinks about how much he will take care of him and how happy he will be when they are together.

In this phase it is common to imagine a lot. Imagine how far the tummy will grow, what color the baby's eyes will be, what name we can give it, if we want to know the sex of the baby or not...

It is the wait of a dreaming mother, a mother before becoming such.

Therefore, at this stage, both the family and the couple must not forget to treat her as a woman and not just as a future mother. Encourage her to continue living her life as before she became pregnant and to continue cultivating her hobbies and interests. Of course the baby will be the most important thing for her, but in addition to being a mother, she will always remain a woman.

In these months it is also pleasant to prepare our house with great calm and love for the arrival of the baby. Little by little, choose the crib, the stroller, and other accessories and clothing. Of course, without stress or hurry. It is also very interesting to share conversations with grandmothers and aunts to ask them for first-time advice and also read books that relax the mind and help us better understand the changes that our body will experience.

The “neo-mother”

And finally our little one arrives. We hug him, kiss him and realize that we are absolutely in love with our baby. Now the woman is a woman and also a mother.

In this phase, it is normal for us to feel a “roller coaster” of emotions: excessive love, fear of not knowing how to do things well, insecurity about what decisions to make, and a lot of sleep that aggravates everything by not resting well.

In this phase, new mothers need to feel loved and supported, both by their partners and by family and friends. By feeling relaxed, they will be able to let their instincts emerge, which are never wrong, and live more calmly in situations that, until that moment in their lives, they had never had to face.

So for this new mom, the best gift is being by her side. You can also offer help with time-consuming tasks that need to continue doing once the baby is home: such as cleaning the house, shopping, etc.

The cherry on top for moms in this phase is, once again, finding moments for themselves. For example, a romantic dinner between the couple when the baby has already fallen asleep, or giving them an afternoon of fun with friends while the grandmother takes care of the baby for a few hours. Getting used to being the same as always, but a mother, is not easy and requires time and adaptation.

The “mother-educator”

Our baby has grown and now knows how to walk, talk, goes to school...and has other different needs. He begins to understand that his behavior can affect how his mother feels, and he loves talking to her to tell her all his fantasies, his fears and ask her a thousand questions a day.

This is where the hard task of educating our little ones begins: on the one hand we would love to pamper them non-stop, but on the other we have to be firm, scold them when they do things wrong and explain to them the world around them.

The perfect gifts for mothers in this phase are small gestures that show what they are to us: value their daily effort and their work as educators, recognize everything they do for their family, and encourage them to be strong and patient in the face of the small dramas of everyday life: a surprise party for Mother's Day, bringing her breakfast in bed...

The “teenager’s mother”

In this phase, many mothers desperately try to understand their children, and above all, be with them in that last step until they become adults.

Adolescence is a difficult time in many ways, it is a hard time for mothers but also for children, who experience many changes in a short time without being prepared for it.

The best gift for mothers of teenagers is to know that the love their children profess for them will remain unconditional throughout their lives, just like when they were babies who fell asleep in their arms. In this sense, it is great to give her time to share with her, to make her feel an important part of a life full of friends and other interests. Going out with her to the movies, for a walk, asking her how her day went, and always saving a little time each week to share it together will be the perfect gift for the mother of a teenager.

For all of them... Happy Mother's Day!

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