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Article: Basic care for our newborn

Basic care for our newborn

Basic care for our newborn

Without a doubt, a baby is the joy of the house, of every mother and father. But, - especially if you are first-time “daddies” -, an endless number of doubts and new situations will strongly assault you. Therefore, today we bring you a small list of basic care for our newborn.

It's time to sleep.

The sleep of newborns is very irregular and therefore it seems essential to instill in our little ones a very careful routine and guidelines at bedtime.

Some tricks to help the little ones sleep peacefully can be giving them a bath before dinner, a walk that stimulates fatigue, or a relaxing mental activity.

One of the most important things to which we have to pay special attention is the posture our child takes when falling asleep. Good posture is essential , being either face up or in a side- lying position non-negotiable. Never upside down.

To eat!

It's time to eat and, although it is one of the great moments, many parents start to tremble. Forget about those fears! It is vitally important to set specific hours and comply with them day after day without avoiding them. In this way we will accustom our baby's digestion and avoid possible colic, which is very common in the little ones, and we will encourage their appetite.

It is also advisable to feed them every four hours -more or less-, although it will depend on the feeding demand of the newborn or infant .

When do I bathe the “little one”?

Well, easy , very easy. Believe us . The first thing to know is that we have to give our child a bath a day. With this clear, we must be attentive to the temperature of the water. It must be warm and without drafts in the room where the process is carried out to avoid drastic changes in temperature. These baths are not only used to clean him, they are also used to relax and, no less important, spend time calmly connecting with our child.

The umbilical cord

The symbolic and vital power of the cord does not mean complex care. It is easier than it seems to be. The first thing we should know is that it will fall between the first 5 or 10 days after birth. To heal the wound we just need to care for it as we would any other wound. More relieved ?

We hope we have been able to help you and have resolved some doubts so that you can only enjoy the baby and the wonderful stage it entails.

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