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Article: Babies and swimming. Benefits of this sport for a newborn

Los bebés y la natación. Beneficios de este deporte en un recién nacido

Babies and swimming. Benefits of this sport for a newborn

After the birth of a baby, many parents wonder what is the ideal time to introduce their little ones to the world of swimming. It is important that they know how to defend themselves in the aquatic environment and develop skills such as psychomotor skills, their reaction capacity, etc. Furthermore, the summer season is perfect for babies and swimming , since they will enjoy this sport while combating the heat by splashing in the pool.

But the question is... is it really necessary for a baby to learn to swim from such a young age? To begin, it must be said that, obviously, a child will not learn to swim until he or she is 3 or 4 years old. What they practice beforehand will be nothing more than carrying out games or exercises that stimulate them and show them how fun it can be, and at the same time they know the dangers they may have, helping them to detect their limits.

If a child does not start playing these games in the pool as a baby, absolutely nothing happens. But we will say that those who have grown up knowing this environment and performing well from such a young age, know what it is to move in the water without fear, although they are more cautious because they have acquired some rules throughout their learning.

A child who enters a pool for the first time needs to go through several stages while learning to swim. In this way, before taking his first strokes, he will have to adapt to the new environment, then learn to react, and then he will be able to move agilely in the water. After going through all these phases and when you have managed to function with ease, you will be ready to swim.

Swimming benefits

  • Improvement of the respiratory system, strengthening the lungs.
  • Improvement of the cardiocirculatory system, strengthening the heart and promoting blood circulation by adopting the horizontal posture.
  • Improvement of the immune system.
  • Greater psychomotor development, improving coordination and strengthening muscles.
  • Improves body posture and develops flexibility.
  • It helps babies relax, avoiding anxiety states and promoting rest, in addition to increasing children's security.
  • Prepares the child for an active lifestyle, avoiding many of the problems of a sedentary lifestyle, such as being overweight.

Recommendations before starting your baby in swimming

  • Consult with your pediatrician about the decision to take your baby to midwifery classes.
  • Once your pediatrician has given you the go-ahead, gradually reduce the temperature of the bathroom at home until it reaches approximately 34ºC, so that, upon reaching the pool, the child does not notice too sudden a change in temperature.
  • Try to convey security while you are bathing him.
  • Choose a pool that meets all the safety and hygiene requirements for baby classes, such as chlorine level, temperature, teachers being qualified professionals, etc.

There is no doubt that starting your baby in this sport will be a success and both you and him will appreciate it and have a great time in the pool. :)

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