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Availand Follow Baby 2 Cameras Baby Monitor

Oferta Flash -15% Sale price220,96€ Regular pricePrevious Price: 259,95€

The Advanced Baby Monitor offers auto-follow tracking, night vision, and two-way communication. It stands out for its 3.5" LCD screen, superior image quality, and capacity for multiple cameras. It includes a lullaby player, a power alarm, and guarantees a secure connection. Ideal for detailed monitoring and peace of mind for parents.

Availand Follow Baby 2 Cameras Baby Monitor
Availand Follow Baby 2 Cameras Baby Monitor -15% Sale price220,96€ Regular pricePrevious Price: 259,95€

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Luis Sancho
All perfect

serious and professional company

Ivan Blasco
The best baby monitor you can buy

I've been using it daily for a year and a half and I'm super delighted. The image is perfect both day and night. It rotates 360° and has new technology that follows the baby's movements when it moves, this is super practical. It is the ONLY baby monitor that when the baby does not move and does not make any noise, the screen turns off by itself to save energy, and is only activated by movement or noise, this makes it much easier for parents to sleep. You can adjust the sensitivity of all the features to your liking, talk through the screen, thermostat, zoom, melodies and you can also expand up to 4 more cameras. What more could you ask for...the quality is incredible, nothing has ever failed me and my daughter has thrown the camera on the ground several times. Now I'm having a second baby and I'm going to buy the additional camera to have both monitored from the same monitor. The only drawback I have is that the camera always has to be plugged in, but if you are going to fix it to the wall it doesn't matter if it has to be plugged in, so for me it is not a big inconvenience. In short, IT'S PERFECT! I RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE WITHOUT HESITATION

Miguel Lopez
It didn't arrive on time

The perfect baby monitor, but it arrived late because the carrier lost my package.

Nuria Gil
Good baby monitor camera

We have been using it every night for a few months now and it looks and sounds perfect.

Ana Monleon

After almost a year of daily use, we are still delighted with the baby monitor. We came from one of the cheap ones and I can't compare them because it is another world. While it is true that we do not have experiences with the rest of the high-end ones, we have not had the need to try another one because this one meets all our needs.
Very good image quality
Sufficient reach for all types of homes
Acceptable battery life
Functional melodies, they sound good and at least they help us calm our daughter
Good infrared vision
The thermometer works regularly
When you play the music, the sound that comes out of the receiver is a little loud, despite setting it to minimum

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