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Servicio Técnico

Contamos con un servicio técnico profesional propio, para cualquier tipo de incidencia con alguno de nuestros productos puede ponerse en contacto con nosotros vía telefónica llamando al teléfono 919995500 y pulsando la extensión 201 de lunes a viernes (excepto festivos) de 9:00 a 15:00, o rellenando el formulario de incidencia de garantía pulsando

Formulario de garantía


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Because the essence of Availand carries with it a very simple promise: We will take care of you and do the right thing. Because we want to give you complete peace of mind when choosing us, we set very high standards in terms of quality and durability.
Therefore, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our products, so you can enjoy them without worries.
Availand offers repair of the item or replacement of the product if the defects are irreparable. Given our interest in permanently satisfying our customers, Availand guarantees frequent renewal of its product range.
In the event that we cannot replace the item with the same model, we reserve the possibility of offering you a similar product and/or with equivalent technical characteristics. If a model change is necessary, the exchange will be for a product of value equivalent to the purchase price.

Under no circumstances will the lifetime warranty authorize you to request a refund for a defective product.
Any claim for Lifetime Warranty coverage may be subject to physical testing of the product.
Availand's lifetime warranty is free, personal and non-transferable and applies exclusively to a new product purchased on our website and authorized points of sale.
The lifetime warranty is reserved for individuals and does not cover professional use of the product.
To take advantage of the lifetime warranty you must register within two months of purchase. To do this, you will need to register on our website and provide the purchase ticket or invoice and the product serial number.
Our lifetime warranty applies to the countries of Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and Belgium.
The shipping and collection costs of products under lifetime warranty that need to be repaired or replaced by our technical service will be borne by the customer if they are located outside of Spain.

What does the Lifetime Warranty cover?
Our lifetime warranty covers manufacturing defects, as long as the product has been used correctly following the user instructions. In addition, defective parts and electrical malfunctions are also covered.
The lifetime warranty begins the day after the country's mandatory official warranty ends.

What is not covered by the Lifetime Guarantee?
-Consumables and accessories, such as batteries, chargers, supports, cables,…
-Normal wear and tear over time.
-Damage caused by accidents, falls, blows, breaks, extreme temperature states, and/or contact with water and/or fire.

-Damage caused by improper use of the product, without following the instructions in the user manual.
-If the product has been manipulated by third parties not authorized by Availand.
-Second-hand and refurbished products do not enjoy the lifetime warranty.
-In software repairs and spare parts, since their warranty is 6 months.
-Aesthetic alterations to internal and external surfaces that do not interfere with the use of the product (stains, scratches, scratches, discoloration, screen printing).
-Loss, theft or any alteration related to an external event.
-Products without the "Lifetime Guarantee" logo on the packaging or instructions.
To avail the lifetime warranty, simply contact our Customer Service team