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La tecnología como la base para hacer fácil lo más natural

Technology as the basis to make the most natural easy

The 'Availand Nature Smart3' Double breast pump is proof of what it wants to represent
'Availand'. Technology, innovation, quality and health at the service of families and in
representation of the most intimate and natural union rituals between a mother and her child.

With 'Nature Smart3' thanks to its innovative -and awarded at the prestigious childcare fair
'Kind Jugen' from Germany- double nipple design, we will get the same amount of
extraction in less time and with less damage due to absorption and wear.
In addition, it is easily transportable and adapts to all types of bags and circumstances. For
today's women and any unforeseen event that floods the routine.

The icing on the cake is 'Availand''s unwavering constant concern for
security. The 'Nature Smart3' is totally safe and free of Bisphemol and any other
toxic component. A guarantee of the ideal that governs total concern for unity
familiar. In such a process, there could be nothing unnatural.

With 'Availand' only you matter.

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