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How to take care of our newborn's nails?

Your baby's hands are the main means by which he makes his way exploring the world that opens before him. Therefore, it is essential to take care of your pedicure - to prevent any type of scratch or wound. Is it complicated for you? It's not complicated, don't worry.

The first thing you should know is that there is an ideal time to avoid our child's constant movement and nervousness. Cut them while he sleeps! And below we provide you with some information that will most certainly be useful to you.

-Use specific material to care for your child's nails. There are nail clippers, files and scissors specifically for the little ones in the house.

-To avoid cutting the skin on the tip of the finger while trimming the nails, press the tips of your fingers back away from the nail as you cut. And never be scared if it hurts a little. It is normal and you must be strong for your child.

-Toenails grow more slowly and, therefore, it may take longer to cut them. But the most important thing is to cut them whenever they are somewhat long, keeping them clean and trimmed.

Don't forget the importance of keeping your little one's hands and feet healthy. Our house treasures discover the world through your hands.

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