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Letter to new mothers

Being a mother is one of the most incredible experiences a woman can live, but also one of the most terrifying. There will be many changes that you will face -physical and mental- before your first pregnancy. But, as Paula Winslowe said in Bambi: "don't look back, keep running..."

There will come a day when you look in the mirror and have a hard time recognizing yourself. Your body will have changed momentarily and you will feel that everything around you has stopped. Exhaustion will take over you.

But it's temporary , you're still the same and everything will eventually become normal . Today we want to address some guidelines to help those mothers who are facing pregnancy for the first time.

-The first thing you should know is that all of those aforementioned changes will make you feel out of place, perhaps with the false sensation of going crazy; be another person. These new sensations of hormonal origin really prepare us for what is going to come and its significance: the Love of a Mother .

-Secondly , know that if you wonder if you will be a good mother, you should be sure that you will be. We will summarize the most basic things to take care of your baby: kisses, hugs and looks . Curiously, it is nothing else that you will need as a mother. Those signs of affection and love, which also not only have to come from outside, but you will also have to learn to repeatedly provide yourself.

-The third point is to learn that the previous point is essential to face another state that will become habitual; feeling alone, somewhat sad and overwhelmed. It is something normal when we face the first pregnancy, in the same way that fears, first-time mistakes and certain mistrusts are normal.

But if something rises above all of the above, it is two premises:

The first is that being a mother is a great responsibility that you have to share and normalize. The second and most important: ENJOY . Enjoy every unrepeatable moment and let everyone see that you are happy, as Balzac already said: “never in your life will you find tenderness better and more selfless than that of a mother.”

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