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Availand dona vigilabebés para combatir el COVID-19

Availand donates baby monitors to combat COVID-19

The call was launched from different organizations and hospitals requesting the donation of baby monitors for the Sagunto Hospital and the Peset Hospital in Valencia, with which to better monitor patients hospitalized with COVID-19. So that health personnel would not have to access the rooms dedicated to patients with the virus so frequently, thereby reducing the risk of contagion and improving the surveillance of each patient.

As soon as we received the news at Availand, we did not hesitate to contact the Sagunto City Council and the hospitals to offer them our Follow Baby baby monitors . Specifically, we delivered 16 units to the Saguntino hospital and another 12 units to the Valencian hospital, as well as extra cameras so that they can monitor several patients in separate rooms from the same monitor.

Follow Baby ready to send to the Sagunto hospital
Follow Baby ready to send to hospitals

At Availand we feel very proud to be able to contribute our small grain of sand in the fight against the coronavirus, and we think that our “little vigilantes” are going to be of great help to healthcare workers, since they will allow them to have greater control over the admitted patients, facilitating their work, thus gaining time that they can dedicate to caring for other patients.

We take this opportunity to give a big round of applause to all the groups that are working every day to fight this virus, ensuring our health and demonstrating a great vocation for people.

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